Senior Safety Tips

By Karen Larsen

An older couple standing together outdoors, holding hands and smiling

Dos and Don’ts

  • Avoid short cuts. Always walk in well lit and used public walk ways.
  • Walk near the curb and avoid passing close to shrubbery.
  • Stay away from dark doorways, alleys and other places where a person can hide.
  • Always look at your surroundings when leaving your car or getting off a bus. If you think you are being followed, go to the nearest Safe Parent house or the closest lighted residence for help.
  • Always have your key ready so you can open your door as soon as you get home.

How to Foil a Purse Snatcher

  • Hold your purse close to your body. Do not wrap the strap around your arm or hand.
  • If someone grabs your purse, sit down. You may not be graceful, but, you may prevent broken bones from being pushed down.
  • Carry only what you need and have change in your pocket for an emergency phone call for help
  • Remember it is free to call 911 from any pay phone.

Home Security

  • Cancel all of your deliveries, such as the paper, while away on vacation. Make sure a trusted neighbour is looking after your house or apartment, if anything happens they can call the police.
  • Leave the lights on in logical places throughout your house. Install a timer on your lights, TV and/or radio. This may discourage burglars from breaking in.
  • If a break and enter occurs while you are not at home, DO NOT enter the house or touch anything. The criminal may still be in there. Go to a neighbour and call the Police.


Telephone Fraud

If you receive a phone call stating you have won a free prize and need to pay a fee, do NOT believe them. You NEVER have to pay a fee for a free prize.

Some scam artists pretend to be calling from a bank and may request your PIN number, account number or a series of numbers from the back of your credit card. Established banks NEVER call for this information. Do not give these numbers out to anyone.

Mail Fraud

Special mail offers can look tempting. Unless the offer is from a well known and established business, such as large retail store, it is advised that you do not order from them.

The chances are that once an order and money are sent them you will never hear from them again. You will have lost your money. Also, beware buying from the internet. You never know who is on the other side and if you will actually receive what you paid for.

Door Salesmen

Salesmen at your door may represent reputable companies, and the contracts you sign with them may be perfectly legitimate. However, there are others who are dishonest and out to take advantage of you in whatever way they can. You should be able to recognize some of the more common techniques to defraud. Never let a salesman pressure you into signing a contract right away. Tell him you want to read it thoroughly before signing. If there are any clauses you don’t understand, discuss it with your lawyer or banker. People have lost their
property or savings by signing such a binding contract, which seemed harmless at the time.

In Conclusion

Make your home secure, and conduct yourself wisely while walking or driving alone. Resist being conned by phoney salesman. Keep in touch with someone every day. These simple tips will arm you against unscrupulous people…and will often protect you against accidents as well.

The best security is PRECAUTION