Identity Fraud

By Karen Larsen

A man holding his credit card (in front of a laptop) with his face in his hands

Identity theft is a growing concern of more than 73 per cent of Canadians. Eighty-five per cent of the victims are between 18 – 59 years.

If criminals obtain any document with your personal information on it, it can be used to instigate a fraud. The most common ways criminals can get your information is from apartment mailboxes, social networking websites, or through hackers.

Identity theft is usually done by a network of individuals rather than a criminal acting alone. Below are eight tips to protect you from identity fraud:

  • Never leave loose credit or debit card receipts in the car
  • Never leave your cell phone or lap top in your car
  • Update security and virus protection on your home computer
  • Change your PIN, especially if you have been using the same one for a few
  • Purchase a shredder
  • Request a personal credit report
  • Never provide your social insurance number on credit applications
  • Never carry your birth certificate in your wallet

More information is available on the Edmonton Police Service website –