The city of Edmonton was the first city outside of Ontario to adopt a program called Block Parent. In 1973 Edmonton was given permission to do so by the original program, London, Ontario. This local program was called the Edmonton Block Parent Association (EBPA).

In 2003 the Block Parent Program of Canada, Inc. filed a law suit with the Federal Government stating that Edmonton had no rights to the Block Parent name or logo.

Unfortunately, the EBPA lost the suit. They were unable to hire a lawyer to represent them. It was too costly for a non-profit, charitable organization to afford one. As a result, it was decided that the EBPA would voluntarily shut down in the spring of 2006 and all materials related to the Association were destroyed.

In June 2006 a new program was started. Wilma Deboer suggested the name Edmonton Safe Parent Association (ESPA). Jerry Deboer, President and Karen Larsen, Office Manager created the artwork for the new window sign, Spunky the Skunk holding a boy’s hand. Karen filed the ESPA name and By-Laws with Alberta Registries June 26th, 2006. A year later she registered two (2) branch programs, The Alberta Safe Parent Association and The Canadian Safe Parent Association.

Jerry, Karen and Dawn Banner held several city wide sign exchanges at local community leagues and churches. As well, there was extensive media coverage letting former Block Parents, and the City if Edmonton in general, know of the program change.

The Safe Parent focus is still children. However, we encourage anyone, of any age, to use a Safe Parent Home if there is an emergency. Signs are placed in a window only when someone is available to answer the door and render assistance.

Andy Dalwood created a web site in 2007 and Karen created two (2) display banners for displays, one with a young family and the other geared towards seniors in 2014. Karen also created a Facebook page in 2010. The web site and Facebook have been brought up to date by a web designer Jay Breitkreutz, Office Manager Karen Larsen and Past President Sheryl Rose.

Volunteers work many different events, such as, community and school events, displays, Bingos and Casinos. Safe Parent and Northlands partnered from 2006 – 2013 and had a Safe Parent House set up at the Capital EX and K-Days. As well, a Safe Parent House has been set up since 2012 on Canada Day, at the Legislative grounds, by request of the Provincial Government. Karen Larsen and Andy Dalwood volunteer every year. These Safe Parent Houses provided lost children a safe place to wait until they were reunited with their parent or guardian.

In this day and age, it is more important than ever to have as many Safe Parent homes as possible available to help the most vulnerable people in Edmonton; children and seniors.

Key Information



To provide safety and guidance to the citizens of Edmonton, especially children and seniors, by providing safe homes and education programs.


  1. To provide a network of police-screened, easily recognizable, safe homes for members of the community, especially children and seniors, to turn to in times of distress;
  2. To educate children about Safe Parent, safety on the streets and within the home;
  3. To develop promotions and materials to educate the community about Safe Parent, latch key children and street proofing ;
  4. To work together with the police, educators and other community groups toward safer communities.


The Edmonton Safe Parent Association will have Safe Parent homes in every community in the City of Edmonton resulting in a safer place to live.

Our Board

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Board Duties

  • President

    Name of Duty
    • supervises the affairs of the Board and prepares all agendas for General and Executive Meetings
    • acts as the spokesperson for the Association
    • handles dealings required with the EPS and works with the Liaison Officer(s)
    • has a casting vote at any General or Executive Meeting of the Association, but, otherwise has no vote- has signing authourity on all chequeing accounts.
    • attends or designates a representative for affiliation meetings
    • signs all legal documents for Association
    Currently Occupied By
  • Vice-President

    Name of Duty
    • oversees the Program Administrator’s duties
    • oversees the Zone/Area Director
    • oversees any Directors at Large
    • is directly responsible to the President
    • assumes the responsibilities of the President is his/her absence
    • attends all Executive and General Meetings
    Currently Occupied By
  • Treasurer

    Name of Duty
    • issues all cheques for the Association and has signing authourity on all chequeing accounts
    • keeps all books and financial records for the Association
    • is responsible for any payroll of the Association and payment to Revenue Canada for benefits
    • presents the Auditors Report at the AGM
    • presents a full and detailed account of receipts and disbursements when requested by a Member to be produced at the next General Meeting of the Association.
    • presents the budget for the new fiscal year at the AGM to be approved for the Executive Board
    • attends all Executive and General Meetings of the Association and gives a written monthly summary of the accounts to each.
    • is responsible for the safe keeping of all current fiscal financial materials pertaining to the Association
    • is directly responsible to the President
    Currently Occupied By
  • Bingo Director

    Name of Duty
    Bingo Director
    • acts as Bingo Chairman for the Association and attends all Executive and General Meetings of the Association
    • co-ordinates volunteers to work Bingo dates
    • acts as liaison to any Bingo Halls in which the Association may have a license
    • is responsible for assuring that the Association is in compliance of Gaming Rules and Regulations
    • gives monthly reports on Bingo dates and monies raised or lost in each hall
    • is responsible for keeping the licenses to the bingo halls in which the Association has its license
    • is directly responsible to the Vice-President of Finance
    Currently Occupied By
  • Publicity/Marketing Director

    Name of Duty
    Publicity/Marketing Director
    • Attends all Executive and General Meetings of the Association and gives a report of monthly activities.
    • Develop strategies and tactics to get the word out about Safe Parent.
    • Product valuable and engaging content for our web site and Tweets that attracts and converts our target groups.
    • Build relationships/partnerships with key players and agencies.
    • Oversee and approve marketing material from website banner to hard copy brochures and case studies.
    • Measure and report on the performance of marketing campaigns, gain insight and assess against goals.
    • Deploy successful marketing campaigns and own their implementation from idea to execution.
    • Analyze consumer behaviour and adjust email and advertising campaigns accordingly.
    Currently Occupied By
  • Director At Large

    Name of Duty
    Director At Large
    • attends all Executive and General Meetings
    • fills any vacant spot on the Board on an interim basis
    • assists in the delivery of various programs and activities
    • reports to the Vice President of Administration
    Currently Occupied By
  • Past President

    Name of Duty
    Past President
    • attends all Executive and General Meetings of the Association
    • acts as an advisor to the Executive Board
    • chairs the Nominations and Board Development Committee
    • holds a vote at General Meetings but not at Executive Meetings
    Currently Occupied By

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