Happy children with backpacks on, gathered together and posing for a photo.

What Does a Safe Parent Do?

Safe Parents offer assistance to people in emergency situations. Even though anyone can come to a Safe Parent house for assistance, our focus is on children and seniors. This is the most vulnerable sector of our community.

When a Safe Parent is home, they put our window sign on display and make themselves immediately available to answer the door and render assistance to anyone who finds themselves in an emergency situation. Safe Parents then follow up by calling the appropriate person to pick up the person in need.

Safe Parents also:
  • go to community events and give out safety information
  • go to schools and teach common sense safety rules to children in Kindergarten to Grade Three
  • organize and man a Safe Parent House on Canada Day

Why Become a Safe Parent?

By becoming a Safe Parent, you'll be helping to provide a network of police-screened, easily recognizable, safe homes for members of the community (especially children and seniors) to turn to in times of distress.

Who Should Become a Safe Parent?

A Safe Parent is any responsible, police screened adult who is willing to offer assistance to someone in an emergency situation.

Become a Safe Parent