The Edmonton Safe Parent Association
Winter 2016
What’s Happening

The Executive Board has been working very hard since September.

The ESPA has hired a marketing firm, SOS Media Corp., to update our web site.  We are working on it right now and the new design will be ready for posting in February 2017. We are also going to be working on our Face Book page and social media.  Social media (Twitter, blogs, etc.) will play a large part in sending information about our Program, safety tips and upcoming events, to the residents of Edmonton.  This very exciting project will allow Safe Parent to be more accessible to our volunteers and the general public at large.

The Safe Parent logo is being updated as well.  Spunky will still be used on the window signs and on promotions geared for children.  The new one will be used for professional endeavors and unveiled the same time as the new web site.

The Executive is also working on two (2) other large projects.  They are in the process of re-writing a three (3) year Business Plan.  This will set out goals, and timelines, for the Executive.  The Board will be updating the By-Laws as well.  The proposed By-Laws will be presented at the 2017 AGM for approval.
Safe Parent is asking all of our volunteers to go to our website,, and update your information.  Everyone in your household, who is 18 years and older, will need another Police Information Check.  It is an easy three (3) step process. The forms needed are printable so please print them and follow the simple instructions.  If you wish to resign as a Safe Parent you may email the office at to let Karen know that you wish to be taken off the database.

If you have any questions, or concerns, please call Karen at 780 433-9374 or email her at

Karen Larsen
Office Manager
Available Executive Positions

We have had two (2) resignations this year.  Deborah Dalwood has retired as Treasurer after 25 years.  Debbie did a wonderful job of looking after our books and making sure we complied with the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission’s rules.  Joanne Bitz has retired as Director at Large.

If you are interested, and have financial experience, in the volunteer Treasurer position please send a resume to The position entails the following activities:
issue all cheques for the Association and has signing authourity on all chequeing accounts
keep all books and financial records for the Association
is responsible for any payroll of the Association and payment to Revenue Canada for benefits
 present the Auditors Report at the AGM
 present a full and detailed account of receipts and disbursements when requested by a Member to be produced at the next General Meeting of the Association.
 present the budget for the new fiscal year at the AGM to be approved for the Executive Board
attend all Executive and General Meetings of the Association and give a written monthly summary of the accounts to each.
is responsible for the safe keeping of all current fiscal financial materials pertaining to the Association

The Director at Large position is a good place to start if you want to help, but, have limited time to give.   This is a very flexible position.  You would present ideas, have a vote and work on specific projects.  Please email Karen at if you are interested.

Are you a social person and like to interact with people?  Perhaps the position of Publicity Director would be perfect for you.  As the Publicity Director you would:
attend all Executive and General Meetings of the Association and give a report of monthly activities
write articles on the purpose and goals of the of the Association to submit to newspapers
write promotional articles to be published in Community League Newsletters
contact radio, and TV, stations for airtime to promote membership in the Association
work with advertising agencies to do general promotion and exposure to the public at large for the Association
contact key Edmonton city officials for National Safe Parent Week and request declarations from them
keep a list of articles written and current contacts
is directly responsible to the Vice - President

The Edmonton Safe Parent Executive meeting is held on the second Wednesday of the month in the evening. 

For more information:

The Edmonton Safe Parent Association
9321 Jasper Avenue NW
Edmonton, Alberta   T5H 3T7

780 433-9374

Keeping Warm on Cold Winter Days

Wear several layers of loose-fitting, lightweight, warm clothing rather than one layer of heavy clothing. Use things like thermal underwear, undershirts, track suits, sweaters, snowsuits, boots, hats, gloves, and scarves. Be sure that your outer layer is tightly woven and windproof.  Wool is a popular material for cold because it will keep you warmer than cotton when damp or wet.  Wear mittens over gloves – layering works for your hands as well. Wear a hat and cover your mouth with a scarf to protect your lungs

Cover exposed skin and watch for frostbite. In extreme cold, frostbite can happen in under a minute. Wind only makes the risk greater – make sure to cover all exposed skin. The symptoms of frostbite include loss of feeling and white, or pale, appearance in extremities such as fingers, toes, ear lobes, and the tip of the nose. If symptoms are detected, get medical help immediately.

Keep moving. Your body generates its own heat when you engage in physical activity. Moving will help keep you warm.  Don’t overexert yourself. Cold weather can exacerbate underlying respiratory illness.

If you have to stay out in the cold for work, be sure to take frequent breaks where it is warm.  Moisture can speed the onset of hypothermia and can be very dangerous. If you expect to get wet, keep a dry set of clothing nearby – especially a hat, gloves, socks, and boots. Drink non-caffeinated fluids. Dehydration occurs more quickly in cold, dry weather. Be sure to keep yourself well hydrated, especially if you are exerting yourself.
Avoid overexertion when shoveling snow. Overexertion can bring on a heart attack – a major cause of death in the winter. Be sure to stop shoveling if you have shortness of breath, heavy sweating, or any kind of pain. Avoid shoveling if you are elderly or have a heart condition.  Stretch before going outside to shovel.  Take frequent breaks from shoveling, even if only for a couple of minutes.  Use a smaller shovel and make sure your shovel isn’t bent, tilting, or damaged.  Never shovel snow if you have a heart condition.

Check on elderly family and neighbors.  The elderly are particularly susceptible to cold-related illness.  Make sure they have adequate heat and nutritious food.

Keep pets indoors. Pets suffer in the cold just like humans, yet they have little means to protect themselves. Help your pets stay warm by keeping them indoors!

Carbon Monoxide​ 

Edmonton has been having a problem with carbon monoxide over the past few months.  Here is some information about carbon monoxide poisoning and how to protect your family.

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odourless, colourless, toxic gas.  It is produced by the incomplete burning of common fuels such as gasoline, coal, natural gas, propane, or any other combustible material such as wood, cloth or paper.  Fuels burn incompletely when an adequate of oxygen is not available.

Today’s more energy-efficient, air tight homes can limit air inflow into the home.  This may cause fuel burning appliances compete for available oxygen and “back-draft.  (Pulling polluted or CO contaminated air back into the house.)  Any indoor workplace where engines are running presents a potential hazard.  Workers must realize the fuel-powered machines can expose them to this deadly gas.

When CO is inhaled, it is absorbed through the lungs and into the bloodstream where it prevents the body from absorbing oxygen. Without oxygen, vital organs, especially the heart and brain, begin to deteriorate. To compensate, your heart rate increases, breathing may become difficult and in most serious circumstances cardiac trauma, brain damage, coma and death will result. The severity of symptoms depend on its concentration in the air, the length of exposure and the person’s health condition. CO poisoning is progressive and can build up to dangerous level in your body

Medical experts believe that the severity of the symptoms will increase for unborn babies, infants, children, seniors and people with heart of lung problems.

Ensure that intakes, vents and pipes on fuel burning appliances and chimneys are kept clear of debris.  Have a qualified technician inspect and clean the vents, etc., at least once a year.  This should be done before the cold season.  Visually inspect fuel burning equipment and their venting systems on a regular basis for signs of cracks, wear, soot, rust or corrosion.  Contact a qualified technician to repair the faulty systems.  Equipment that uses natural gas, such as you house furnace, should show a clear blue flame.  If the flame is yellow or orange call a technician to check for possible problems. 

The installation of a CO detector is the second line of defense.  There are three (3) basic types of detectors:  gel cell, elector-chemical and semi-conductor.  All three (3) types will assist in detecting carbon monoxide.  CO alarms can be powered in three (3) ways:  battery, plug-in and hardwired.  Talk to your provider when trying to make the best decision for your needs.  Choose an alarm with a test button.  Consider a battery back-up source for alarms powered by household electricity and ensure your CO alarm is equipped with an audible warning alarm.  There should be at least one (1) CO detector on each floor, including the basement.  If you are going to install it on the ceiling, make sure it is not near the smoke detector so you don’t get mixed up about which alarm is sounding.  Do not install an alarm near a window, or air register, where drafts can reduce the alarm’s operation and sensitivity.
Some Information from

Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy.  You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in.  ~Author Unknown

Our Bingos are held in the Kensington Bingo Hall at 12538 - 132 Avenue.  They are held once a month on a Saturday, or Sunday, from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm.  There are many floor positions to choose from:  seller doing ball, double action/even better, Bonanzas, Wild 4 and Speedo.  Office positions would include Bonanza Controller, Chairperson, Paymaster and handing out sheets.  Everyone gets a 20-minute break which includes a meal up to $12.00. 

Come and join the fun!  Comfortable shoes are a must since you will be walking the floor for about three (3) hours. 

Please email Millie at if you wish to volunteer.